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Trends for Decorating Your Terrace in Mallorca this 2024.

Trends for Decorating Your Terrace in Mallorca this 2024.


22 April, 2024


In Mallorca, having a terrace, a garden, or a small balcony is like having a treasure that can be enjoyed from April until practically November. Mallorcan spring and autumn are mild and pleasant, and summer temperatures are more bearable if you can have some outdoor space at sunset.

Patios and exteriors thus become another part of the house, sometimes the most important, and as such, deserving of special attention when decorating them.

While interior design experts recommend using all kinds of colors and not dismissing the return of the legendary wallpaper for home walls in winter, in summer and outdoors, they advise using earthy, natural tones.

However, the premise is to respect and enhance the special luminosity of the Mediterranean, even if it's a house in an inland town on the island.

Outdoor Decoration Trends 2024

At Balear Invest , we strive to be up to date with everything related to style, decoration, and aesthetics of homes, and this is what we've found regarding exteriors for this season:

  • Embracing connection with the environment and nature, as well as sustainable materials and attitudes. Therefore, wood, bamboo, or wicker prevail in the market for decorating terraces, furnishing them with style and a commitment to nature.
  • The style for this season is bohemian, minimalist, yet sophisticated. It's the power of "boho" taken outdoors, mixing artisanal elements, textures, and patterns that inspire a space of calm, relaxed, and very welcoming ambiance.
  • However, not everything has to go through the bohemian filter. Outdoor spaces can be simple and elegant, with touches from other eras if we're lucky enough to have a special vintage lamp, pitcher, or planter that adds sophistication to the whole.
  • Colors, as we mentioned at the beginning of this entry, are predominantly earthy and very natural. Far from vibrant blues, yellows, or oranges, we'll find a color palette that includes moss green, stone gray, warm sand color, or brown. The goal is to create a sense of connection with the environment, to provide calmness, and to make nature present, even if it's not physically there.
  • Once again, there's no need to be categorical. Natural colors can be combined with a touch of brighter color, such as red, grass green, or turquoise, especially when combined with spaces with white walls.
  • Have you heard of the slow luxury trend? It's a new style of decoration that prioritizes minimalism and doesn't include logos or symbols of any kind. It seeks circular economy, sustainability, and elegance, and in terms of outdoor decoration, it's represented through soft textures combined with classic details and pieces.
  • Following this trend achieves discreet yet comfortable spaces with a special charm.
  • If we expect to spend a lot of time on the terrace or in the garden, we'll need to illuminate the space. In this sense, ambient light will be very important to transform the space, but also to minimize consumption by choosing to use LED lights.
  • To make terraces as comfortable as possible, experts recommend furnishing them in modules. This option allows for greater flexibility to organize the space and reconfigure it depending on the needs of each moment or even the number of people who will share an evening.
  • The must-haves of the season, in this regard, will be comfortable and large sofas, and chairs made of braided rope, wicker, or even a material as Mallorcan as llatra
    the raw material used to make any type of accessory.
  • An outdoor space has to be alive. For this reason, plants are the other great protagonists of the 2024 trend in Mallorca. Giant planters to house small trees and shrubs, vertical gardens with all kinds of vegetation, herb beds, pots full of ferns... Plants bring freshness and vitality, an essential touch of color, and a unique and very special atmosphere. Additionally, they have the advantage of adapting to any space and come in all sizes.
  • Choose natural fabrics over synthetic ones, whenever possible. While it's true that synthetic fabrics withstand outdoor conditions better, especially excess sun, if you opt for natural fabrics, you'll be choosing the most sustainable option. We're referring to cotton or linen, which are also very resistant and much cooler than plastics. Beige and toasted colors also withstand the effects of the sun better. And to give an authentic Mallorcan touch, nothing better than opting for cushions and accessories made from telas de lengua , famous for their colors and the original design of their patterns.

We're sure that with these tips, your terrace or garden will look wonderful this 2024 season.

Remember that we're at your disposal, and you can contact us whenever you need assistance.

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