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Mallorcan Cuisine: The Best Restaurants in 2024

Mallorcan Cuisine: The Best Restaurants in 2024


16 April, 2024


Ensaimada, sobrasada, arrós brut, empanadas, frito, buñuelos... Mallorcan gastronomy is of Mediterranean tradition and is based on olive oil, cereals, pork and lamb meat, fish and seafood, and seasonal vegetables.

However, Mallorca is a cradle of diverse cultures and traditions, and as such, its gastronomy has been enriched and fused with that of other civilizations. In the past, it mingled with the Muslim or Jewish cultures, and much earlier, with the Phoenician or Greek cultures.

Today, the combination of products and culinary trends is on-trend. It's possible to find almost any ingredient, no matter how remote its origin, and contrast it with what has been present throughout the island's history. Chefs have become the new creative stars of the artistic scene: admired, followed, and in high demand.

For this reason, we want to invite you to take a walk through the best restaurants of Mallorcan gastronomy in this 2024. Shall we begin?

Es Fum, in Costa d'en Blanes

Our journey starts in Costa d'en Blanes, within the Mardavall Mallorca Resort complex, a place overlooking the Mediterranean coast and one of the most famous in the world.

The space blends magnificent architecture with the beauty of the surrounding nature, resulting in a place of classic elegance, tranquility, and serenity, where well-being begins as soon as you cross the threshold.

Es Fum's cuisine is delicate and perfectionist, very respectful of each ingredient and crafted with seasonal, local, and fresh products.

This does not mean, by any means, that we won't find proposals as original as the pea toffee, maxorata cheese, and barnacles, or an incredible roasted sea bass with stone soup and red mojo.

Can Simoneta, in Capdepera

It is another of the most famous restaurants in the Mallorcan gastronomic scene this 2024. Can Simoneta is in Capdepera, right on the seafront, and its menu is a surprising fusion between typical Mallorcan cuisine and the vibrant Mexican gastronomy.

Here you can enjoy two different yet equally recommended experiences: Can Simoneta a la Carte, where the freshest local ingredients are treated with traditional Mexican techniques, or Can Simoneta Gastronomic, where a tasting menu is offered that celebrates the chef's two styles of cooking.

Both experiences are unique and unforgettable.

Sala de Personal, in Palma

One of the advantages of living in the capital of Mallorca is that restaurants appear and transform at a dizzying pace. Our recommendation for the city of Palma is Sala de Personal, located down the stairs of Ginbobar.

In this case, we find a modern, almost irreverent style, and a gastronomic proposal where the diner does not choose, only enjoys. It's a concept imported directly from Japan, without ever neglecting market products and Mediterranean trends.

Here, the protagonists are the cocktails, and the food is the companion, always plentiful and perfectly coordinated.

Casa Manolo, in Ses Salines

Also known as Bodega Barahona, Casa Manolo is a return to the fruits of the sea, elaborated with Mallorcan recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Casa Manolo's story begins in the 1940s, when a man from Jaén and a Mallorcan woman opened an establishment where they were allowed to sell wines and spirits wholesale and retail. Three decades later, the winery expanded, tapas began to be served daily, and in 1990 the restaurant officially began its history.

At Casa Manolo, gastronomy is sincere, and its most famous specialties are the Notari rice, the lobster stew, the squid, or the salted fish.

El Olivo, in Deiá

At the Belmont residential complex, we conclude our tour of some of the most recommended restaurants in Mallorca in this 2024. Here we find El Olivo, a space surrounded by trees, facing a hill, where candlelight, at dusk, creates a magical feeling in diners.

They offer product tasting menus, which include culinary wonders such as red shrimp carpaccio with seaweed and crispy shrimp, or Mallorcan lamb rack with herb crust and rosemary sauce, or an unparalleled sweet pa amb oli (bread with oil), all paired with the best wines on the island.

Mallorcan gastronomy is up to date, and the arrival of professionals from all over the world makes it compete with the best kitchens anywhere on the planet.

Stay tuned to this blog, because at Balear Invest , we will continue researching to recommend you the best restaurants where you can experience much more than just a meal or dinner in Mallorca.


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