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Living in Mallorca: Advantages of Residing in Palma

Living in Mallorca: Advantages of Residing in Palma


18 March, 2024


The Roman consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus founded Palma in 123 BC. Throughout the centuries, the city has been the subject of disputes and conflicts due to its privileged location: it has passed through the hands of the Vandals, the Byzantine Empire, was under Muslim rule, and, from the conquest of James I in 1229, it became a Christian city.

Palma contains, especially in the neighborhoods of the old town, traces of all the cultures that have passed through its history, and that is one of the charms that make it a perfect city full of advantages for establishing permanent or seasonal residence.

Some advantages of living in the capital of Mallorca

Mallorca boasts one of the best climates in the Mediterranean basin. Mild in winter, with springs and autumns that go almost unnoticed, and sunny and hot summers, it is one of the favorite destinations for tourists at any time of the year.

And, to stay to live. These are the main advantages of choosing Ciutat as a first or second residence.

  • Its connections are excellent. The international airport of Son Sant Joan, one of the largest in the world, is very close to the city and very well connected thanks to public transportation, taxi service, and, in recent years, also Uber. It has daily connections with almost all European capitals.
  • It is a multicultural city, the result of all the peoples that have inhabited it throughout the centuries, who have left their mark especially in the old town. In addition, it is populated with museums, theaters, an auditorium, and streets with the most exclusive shops.
  • The possibilities for practicing any type of sport are almost endless, not only in the world of nautical sports but also in outdoor sports. It is very close to several golf courses, and it is the starting point for excursions, hiking, cycling tourism, and running routes.
  • Palma has no language barriers: Spanish, Mallorcan, English, German... These languages are spoken throughout Mallorca, and many companies are oriented towards the foreign market. However, if your intention is to spend long periods on the island, it is not a bad idea to know Spanish or even Mallorcan.
  • The capital of Mallorca is a cosmopolitan city, despite its small size. People from all over the world live here, which generates an enriching variety of lifestyles, which join the traditional way of doing things on the island. In the shops in Palma, you can not only buy a wide range of Balearic products. There are also options such as French bread, German sausages, imported beer, English biscuits... In addition, in Palma, there is an immense variety of international businesses, as well as communities of foreign residents.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact Balear Invest, and we will advise you on everything you need.

The areas of Palma worth getting lost in

The heart of Palma is in its old town, where you can follow, in detail, the traces of all the civilizations that have settled in the city over the centuries. Here is the town hall, the Consell de Mallorca, the island's self-government center, the parliament, and other official buildings whose architectural characteristics attract visitors' attention.

It is very close to the center of Palma, where culture and entertainment coexist. In Jaime III , there are the most prestigious and exclusive international brands, in the Ramblas, there is a market of fresh flowers, full of color and plant aromas. In El Olivar, there is a market where you can enjoy the best products and taste them at the gastronomic stalls, and in Plaza de España, the business world is mixed with shops, leisure, and fun, for all ages.

In Santa Catalina, bars, restaurants, and festive areas are concentrated, as well as another of the most beautiful markets in Palma, which bears the same name as the neighborhood. It is very close to an area called Es Jonquet, which stands out for its beautiful, restored mills, which observe, as stone watchmen, the bay of Palma and the promenade.

And precisely on the promenade, which extends along the bay, is where the hotels, restaurants, and leisure areas of the city are located, and one of the favorite places for visitors and residents to experience Palma's nightlife.

Within the promenade, but under the name of Paseo Sagrera, we find the neighborhood of La Lonja, which rises around the majestic Gothic building where the fishermen of yesteryear made their commercial transactions. Here, there are luxurious boutique hotels, streets full of gastronomic offers, and emblematic places such as the Consolat de Mar , where the government of the islands meets, or the Atarazanas square, the old fishing ground of the boats that arrived in Palma.

Have you already fallen in love with this city? It's not surprising. Mallorca hides many charms, and its towns are endearing and tranquil. If you want to know the most picturesque ones, you can read this post.

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