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Interior Design 2024 in Mallorca: Inspiration for Painting Your Home

Interior Design 2024 in Mallorca: Inspiration for Painting Your Home

Interior designs

22 February, 2024


Decor experts predict that in 2024, there will be a wide array of colors and a subtle resurgence of wallpaper for homes in Mallorca. In cutting-edge fashion, anything goes, although we're not talking about clothing here, but rather the walls of your home.

That's why at Balear Invest , we've consulted with the best interior design professionals to provide you with the key insights for decorating your home, starting with the walls. We've also considered the Mediterranean light of the island, which complements many colors and allows for some daring choices.

Four cool but very elegant colors to decorate your home in Mallorca:

Cool tones like greens, blues, and lilacs are highly suitable for painting bedrooms and living rooms, as they convey tranquility and calmness. Among the 2024 color palette, four types of softer shades stand out, each offering sophistication and elegance:

  • These refreshing greens are recommended if you're spending the summer season in Mallorca. They're on-trend because they're associated with enjoying the outdoors indoors, and they relate to environmental issues, connection with nature, and a quest for refinement. Ideal places to paint with these greens include living room walls, some in the bedroom, the headboard, a large rug, or cabinets.
  • Very light or verydark grays give the house the air of "silent luxury" that is so popular in architecture and interior design in 2024. It's a wide range, more so than many might think, and it provides a sense of shelter and protection, making it very suitable for bedrooms.
  • Lilacs and lavenderare the stars of decoration this year. These tones blend very well with any Mallorcan estate, as they evoke rosemary, lavender, and the colors of lilacs that bloom in spring. They can be used to paint walls, but also for household items: curtains, rugs, towels... or even to decorate a garden area or a terrace.
  • Sky blue or celestial blue adds a touch of freshness that few other colors can match. Indoors, it's a trendy shade for 2024, and in Mallorca, it couldn't be more opportune. It reflects the clear sky or the calm Mediterranean waters and conveys tranquility and relaxation. Celestial blue is perfect for painting bedrooms, a reading area, or small rooms.

Warm colors for the interior design of your home in Mallorca:

Warm colors, so appropriate for the temperature and brightness of Mallorca, inspire designers to paint the walls of living rooms, children's rooms, lounges, hallways, or even kitchens. Here are the ones experts recommend for 2024:

  • Apricot color is an orange tone that brings a lot of light and, therefore, is perfect for decorating a living room or lounge. It's not a shade that can become boring or tiresome, but rather it gives a feeling of warmth. Even in a small kitchen, a touch of orange can make a 180º turn. Outdoors it's resilient, but it needs to be protected from the sun, as it can quickly fade.
  • If you're looking for a sense of home and family, we recommend opting for honey and gold colors. There are no limits to the use of both tones, as they are warm but not quite vibrant, as is the case with yellows or oranges, and they work very well in homes by the sea, as well as in properties located in the mountains or in the interior of Mallorca.
  • Yellow is full of life; it's a range that can almost be felt through the walls. In Mallorca, it's widely used for summer homes and adds extra luminosity to sunlight. All variants are welcome, from mustard, a bit more muted, to the well-known lemon yellow, ochres, lime yellows, sand, toasted... Yellow is on-trend in 2024, not only for interior decoration but also for bringing life to a terrace or garden.

At Balear Invest, we've been striving since 1987 to offer our clients a comprehensive experience in buying and selling their properties in Mallorca. That's why we like to keep abreast of trends and current events in all aspects, but especially in decoration and architecture.

Do you have any questions or doubts? We'll respond and advise you  on whatever you need.


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