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Discover the Advantages of Living in Calvià, Mallorca

Discover the Advantages of Living in Calvià, Mallorca


13 June, 2024


Calvià is a municipality located in the westernmost part of Mallorca, at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and with numerous coastal areas.

It is one of the largest municipalities on the island, with a population of about 35,000 inhabitants. Calvià caters to all ages with its vibrant nightlife in some areas and tranquil spots in others.

With nearly twenty different areas to choose from, including coastal, inland, and mountainous regions, Calvià offers something for everyone. Notable areas include Santa Ponsa, El Toro, Es Capdellà, and Calvià Vila itself.

Advantages of Living in Calvià

If you're considering making Calvià your permanent home or second residence, you'll want to know all the benefits this municipality offers. At Balear Invest, we encourage you to take the plunge, and here are our reasons:

  • Excellent Connectivity: Calvià is well-connected to the entire island. The international airport of Palma, Son Sant Joan, is about a 25-minute drive away. The municipality has a network of urban and interurban buses that cover the main points of interest and reach all localities.
  • Nature Lovers' Paradise: The Galatzó Nature Reserve is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Not only are the main houses preserved, but the original outbuildings have also been maintained to give visitors an idea of the lives of peasants and landlords not too long ago. The mountain offers incredible hiking trails and climbing areas for outdoor sports lovers.
  • Water Sports Galore: As a municipality that blends sea and mountains, water sports are a daily activity. Surfing, sailing, diving, kayaking… you can practice any sea-related activity almost anywhere in the area.
  • Rich Cultural Scene: Calvià has a wide range of cultural offerings, including cinema, theater, numerous festivals, and many exhibitions. Much of the cultural activity revolves around gastronomy, with the town hall organizing culinary events in the varied restaurants in the area.
  • Relaxed Lifestyle: Life here is more relaxed than in other municipalities, such as Palma. Calvià Vila and Es Capdellà retain their traditional, peaceful character, making them perfect places to live a stress-free life.

The Most Iconic Places in Calvià

Calvià boasts several attractions that rival those of other island municipalities. One of the main draws is the Roman Villa, a complex of Roman-era buildings and houses. It is considered the first excavated Roman villa in Mallorca.

The site, located in the bay of Santa Ponsa, includes a pottery factory that produced various containers, tools, and other items for the city of that era. Much of these ruins remained buried until 1984.

The Puig de na Morisca has been preserved as an archaeological park since 2002 and is open to the public. This hill covers about 35 hectares, and its summit holds the remains of a circular talayot up to nine meters in diameter.

The hill also features a complex of rooms and a large stone wall enclosing a secondary defensive area. This site dates to the Iron Age and was inhabited until the Roman Empire's conquest of the island.

In Calvià Vila, the ancient church of San Juan Bautista was built on the ruins of an earlier church, probably from the 13th century. It has been restored and is one of the town's most beautiful buildings.

The Cala en Basset tower, constructed in 1593, was used to warn the town's inhabitants of pirate attacks. Today, it is a well-known spot located in the coastal area of Sant Elm.

This space is part of the Sa Dragonera Natural Park. Visitors can climb the tower, although it presents certain difficulties. One of the highlights of this visit is the view of the complete silhouette of the Dragonera Island, which resembles a giant sleeping dragon, and the Tramuntana Lighthouse, another worthwhile point of interest.

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